WYKŁAD: Modern architecture in investment banking software / UBS

Łukasz Jończyk

19 Kwiecień 2016 @ 12:15 – 14:00
Instytut Matematyki UWr, Aula HS
plac Grunwaldzki 2


– Session about how modern architecture can look like, in applications supporting trade life-cycle.
– Initially we go through what cloud computing means and how micro services architecture relates to it
– Finally we go through live example about how can you implement modern architecture in investment banking software – with usage of open source

After going through the topics you will be ready on hands-on sessions – when you will develop own cloud base application.


Software engineer, mentor & coach with 5+ years of experience in leading development teams, creating craftsmanship culture and building high quality software as well as delivering trainings courses in the field of software engineering, career development and driving teams in multicultural distributed environments.

He shares the passion in clean code development with others, helps find the paths to make the software better and to be better professional. He constantly looks for new challenges recently spending time on learning how to build own robot.

Father of two kids, husband of lovely wife.

Łukasz JończykWYKŁAD: Modern architecture in investment banking software / UBS